After another lovely day, with a trip to an excellent tea shop in Villeneuve, it was really exciting to go to l’Utopie cinema and be allowed into the projection room for a last check that everything is working well ahead of tonight’s screening of Rachel at the St. Livrade Film Festival, France. So wonderful to see the Rachel DCP (Digital Cinema Package) justify its expense with absolutely beautiful image and gorgeous sound.

I think this is the biggest screen Rachel has been shown on to date and every tear that Rob Dukes shed is perfectly captured in glistening, heart-wrenching detail – so thank you Rob for tearing your heart out all day long on set – it was so worth it!


I just can’t wait to see the final scene on Holkham Beach – it’s going to be absolutely awesome for sure although, as always, I am very nervous to face a new audience and discover how they react to our story.

But for now, people are starting to gather and enjoy a warming mulled wine in the yurt in the town square. I have to say they really know how to have a good time in St. Livrade.


Thank you to everyone in this community of film-lovers for making me feel so welcome at this special festival.

Karen x



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