A BIG THANK YOU TO UKIJFF for a wonderful screening at the Phoenix Cinema

Arriving at the Phoenix Cinema last night in East Finchley, North London, I’ll admit I was overcome – rather like the first time I walked into the pit to play the violin at the Royal Opera House. Ambitions are like that – one strives to attain ones dreams, but it’s hard to believe one is actually equal to the task, or ultimately deserving of success. 

When I decided last year that I just had to make Rachel, no matter what, it was with the hope that the film would be accepted into the UK Jewish Film Festival. To have that happen and then add to that the joy of seeing the film screened in one of my favourite cinemas alongside a challenging and thought-provoking feature film – Love is Thicker Than Water – well it just felt wonderful.

The Phoenix is the perfect venue for Rachel – independent, beautiful and determined to do things her way.

The film looked beautiful on the big screen – it works best that way – and though I shouldn’t say so myself, I really enjoyed listening to my solo violin rendition of the Kol Nidrei prayer on such a great sound system – I wish my  meticulous sound recordist, Peter Polak, could have been there to hear that.

It was truly memorable evening and I am now looking forward to the screening at JW3 on 19th and 22nd November. I feel very fortunate indeed and proud of what my hard-working, talented and all round lovely team have helped me achieve. So, thanks to them, and to the UKIJFF – hopefully we’ll all be back at the Phoenix soon x


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