Novel – When The Fat Lady Thins by Karen Anstee now available on Amazon

The wonderful thing about creativity is that one thing leads to another.  When we set up the Kickstarter campaign for Rachel we had to be inventive about what rewards to offer. So, for a generous donation of £500 a first copy of my novel ‘When The Fat Lady Thins’ was included as a thank you.

‘When the Fat Lady Thins’ is – of course – a work of fiction, but nonetheless inspired by my years in the music industry, playing the violin for numerous well-known opera, ballet and symphony orchestras. It tells the tale of frenemy sopranos who find their friendship tested to its limits by a handsome Italian tenor, and takes the reader behind the scenes at London’s glamorous opera houses, where real life can be every bit as romantic, dramatic, heartbreaking and funny as the operas performed there.


It’s easy to come up with ideas for rewards, harder sometimes to deliver them than you ever dreamed. The novel seemed close to ready when the reward was offered but, in reality, it soon became clear that it would take months of hard work to prepare the novel for publishing – finishing, re-writing, editing, proof-reading, formatting and finding the right cover image/acquiring the right to use American artist September McGee‘s gorgeous painting Singer III.

All that has been now been done and I’m delighted to say that today I’m meeting up with our lovely supporter to hand over the proof copy of the novel and say a big thank you for investing in Rachel.

For everyone else, it’s available here via AmazonUK, Amazon USA and AmazonEU


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