Congratulations to Rob and Aislinn

Congratulations to Aislinn De’Ath and Robert Dukes (aka Rachel and Josh) on their engagement.

When I was casting Rachel, it was a family newsletter from Aislinn’s mum and dad Mike and Angela, which included a gorgeous photo of their beautiful actress daughter, that made me think to ask Aislinn to take a look at the script for Rachel.  When she rang to say she was interested in reading for the role, she asked me if I had already found an actor to play Josh because she thought her boyfriend Rob would be the ideal guy to play him.

At that point I was just putting together the pitch for the UK Jewish Film Festival Pears short film fund, so I asked her to send me a selfie of them together for the pitch doc and said that I couldn’t promise anything but if we got the funding I’d be happy to consider them for the roles of Rachel and Josh.

When the selfie arrived I just knew right then and there, before I even met Rob,  that they were ‘the ones’.

They were and they are.


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