Rachel Wins Best Foreign Film at SNOB New England Indie Fest

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Congratulations to all the Rachel team. I am so happy that all the hard work of cast and crew, the generosity of the financial backers, and the kind, supportive attitude we were met with on location both at Holkam and Levertons, has been rewarded in this way.

Attending the SNOB New England Indie Fest was just a wonderful experience all round. Jay Doherty and his team made everyone feel so incredibly welcome and they showed so much love and respect for independent film making. I couldn’t have wished for a nicer atmosphere in which to premiere our film, and it was fun to be able to share this moment with my friend Lydia, who was an associate producer for Rachel.


Watching the amazing films on offer made me really aware that it was truly special just to be selected, so it means a lot to me to be heading home with good news, especially as the awards at this festival are decided by the audience.  My personal vote in the Foreign Film section went to a fantastic film – Pheromone. directed by Murad Aliyev. fullsizerender-5

And I’m really pleased to say that the Best Drama went to the beautiful & touching  ‘Charlie and Poppy‘, directed by Jennifer Potts. It’s a lovely film but extra special because Jennifer maintains a 50% female crew rule for her films. It’s nice to meet a like-minded filmmaker – women make great films that connect emotionally and I hope that one day all film credits will read the way ours do.  I was so proud to stand alongside her.




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